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Random Thoughts About Guns for Self Defense

Evil people have guns. Good people have guns. Laws restricting guns only affect good people. The outcome is predictable. Gun free zones are kill zones. A gun free zone, declared by signs but otherwise unenforced, is an attractive place for … Continue reading

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Yet Another MUSLIM Terrorist – revisited

REPOSTED and bumped, to add this: Read Michelle Malkin’s article, which posts 76 pictures of terrorists – and guess what? They ALL look like middle-eastern men. It is absolutely insane and delusional for our security services not to be using … Continue reading

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Hollow Point Bullets

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was murdered in her car by someone using hollow-point bullets, probably 9mm. Understand, my comments here do not in any way condone this murder or any other. What I am picking on is the overblown horror … Continue reading

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Yet Another MUSLIM Terrorist

How about that? Somebody tried to murder multitudes of American citizens at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, failing due to some excellent work by the FBI. The Somali-born terrorist was yelling “Allahu Akbar!” when captured. That’s Arabic … Continue reading

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Who Controls the Lamestream Media?

The crucifixion of Sarah Palin by the lamestream media is but a symptom of a much larger problem. Freedom of speech is fundamental and necessary to our continuation as a free country. The day the state, or anyone else (like … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of 57 States

This message by Sarah Palin is the funniest – and saddest – thing I’ve read in a while. Sarah made a slip-of-the-tongue and referred to North Korea as our ally, which she immediately corrected. The progressive-liberal biased media, of course, … Continue reading

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Has anyone noticed the absolute horror with which certain people (Chris Cristie, Carl Rove, and every progressive) meet the very idea that a normal but talented American citizen (Sarah Palin) could possibly become President? They show it through snark and … Continue reading

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