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Angry in Texas

I am angry, and I have been angry for a while, and ultimately that is the reason for this blog. I am angry at the politicians in Washington, past, present and future, who have no sense of honor, who do … Continue reading

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Obama’s Record So Far

It turns out the 1200 troops that Obama is sending to the border are unarmed, and their job will be to “review and analyze” intelligence, he said, and will interact with people crossing the border. What a joke. Obama clearly … Continue reading

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Breaking News

News! Obama is sending 1200 troops to the Mexican border, which is definitely a step in the right direction, anyway. I’m sure the law enforcement there will appreciate the gesture. But that is all this is – a gesture. The … Continue reading

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Something Positive, For a Change

The GOP has a plan to actually save $1.3 trillion over the next ten years. The Democrats, even though they control the House, the Senate, and the White House, cannot even come up with a budget, which is the primary … Continue reading

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Terrorists Entering the U.S.

Interesting: It seems logical, but I was unaware of it until now. Terrorists are entering the United States in the most logical way – through our southern border. It’s apparently been going on for a while, too. As Obama and … Continue reading

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New International Order?

From Fox News: Now, Obama wants to create a “New International Order” – possibly giving up some of the United State’s sovereignty to do it. He would have to, to do some of the things he mentioned: Stronger international standards … Continue reading

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Oil Spill in the Gulf

The oil spill in the gulf is a terrible thing for all concerned; which is everybody, in the long run. I really feel for those whose livelihood has been put at risk or destroyed. In spite of that, I believe … Continue reading

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Is Barack Hussein Obama ashamed of his name? If so, why? It is what it is. -Popgun

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Issue After Issue

Have you noticed that, on issue after issue, Obama and his administration are ignoring the will of the majority of the people? It’s no wonder the Tea Party is growing – Obama is their biggest recruiter. Bailouts; ObamaCare; Cap & … Continue reading

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A Little Help, Here?

Let’s be very honest about this. We have a situation where around half a million illegal aliens are in Arizona alone. The border states all carry the brunt of this load, but it is particularly acute in Arizona at present. … Continue reading

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A Step in Handling Illegal Immigrants

First off, let me state that I have nothing against any Hispanic. My reasons for rejecting illegal aliens is that they represent a drain on resources that aren’t theirs, just like when your out-of-work cousin shows up with his family … Continue reading

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How Texas Handles Bureaucrats!

Go read this article over at Bayou Renaissance Man about how Texas handles bureaucratic nonsense. Makes me proud to be a Texan. -Popgun

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Back Door Gun Control

The liberal Democrats seem to be on a role, passing laws against the will of the people by any means necessary. Now they may try to slide in some serious gun control by way of a treaty with Mexico. This … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigration

Obama said: “In the United States of America, no law-abiding person – be they an American citizen, a legal immigrant, or a visitor or tourist from Mexico – should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look … Continue reading

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The Real Wild West

Here is an article by Brigid over at Home on the Range, which lays out the reality of broad ownership of firearms in the old west. Her article clearly dispels many of the untrue myths that have been created by … Continue reading

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Free Speech

It’s interesting to me how liberals are great proponents of free speech, right up until you disagree with them. Now, the possibility exists that they will attempt to squelch the voices of political bloggers; people like me. This will be … Continue reading

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Don’t Hyperventilate!

Now, don’t hyperventilate. Gary Pierce, a commissioner on the Arizona Corporation Commission, did not actually threaten to cut off the power to Los Angeles, regardless of the various headlines. Go read the text of his letter. He merely invited Los … Continue reading

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I Read It!

Unlike Eric Holder, Napolitano, (and probably Obama), I actually read Arizona SB1070 amended by HB2162; it took me about half an hour; it’s 13 pages long in this final version. So I have joined the Fox News team in being … Continue reading

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Federal Law

An addendum regarding the failure of Obama to close the borders to stop the influx of illegal aliens: Think about this; we now have a situation in which the President of the United States is intentionally refusing to enforce the … Continue reading

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The Southern Border

Have you noticed that the great majority of those U.S. citizens who oppose Arizona’s new immigration law don’t live in Arizona? The failure of the federal government to control our borders is probably the most egregious demonstration of incompetence and … Continue reading

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