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Satellite Internet Services

Here’s an interesting factoid. Our company currently has bandwidth problems and so I called HughesNet to see if they could do better than their competition (Wild Blue). So, talking to HughesNet salesman, we discussed one of their faster business plans, … Continue reading

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A Tale of Incompetent Thieves

You never know what a day will bring. This morning, when I arrived at work, the company service truck was astride the ditch, about 20 yards away from the driveway. The first thing that went through my mind was that … Continue reading

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Vacation was Good!

Vacation was good, but now I’m back at work. For me, this was, in a way, an odd vacation. I almost simulated being retired for a week. We did make a few semi-local trips, but it was nice and relaxed; … Continue reading

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The Job’s Not Finished until the Paperwork is Done!

I don’t usually blog about work, but: I just sent the last (I hope, I hope, I hope) document and transmittal on an order for a total of six pumps that began over two years ago. This last document was … Continue reading

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My Day Job

I don’t blog much about work. Not because interesting things don’t happen there, but I would never want to cause my employer difficulty by anything I might inadvertently say. However, some of this last week holds lessons that deserve to … Continue reading

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Efficiency in Big Companies

Our company sold three pumps to a major engineering firm. We, in turn bought the pumps from the pump manufacturer. The pumps became ready to ship last Thursday. It took 40 different emails, going in all directions, cc’d multiple times … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Mondays…

100% Chance of Rain today. Rats. I put the new Corbin seat on my Suzuki DR650-SE and haven’t had the chance to ride it yet. I don’t mind riding in the rain if I get caught away from home, but … Continue reading

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