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Cataract Surgery

Today was the day! I had my left eye cataract surgery today. Scary as it is, I’d take this over going to the dentist. After the paperwork was done, I sat down in a comfortable chair and a nurse administered … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Creative Expression

Hillary “misspoke” with the sniper fire remark. “That depends on what you mean by ‘is’”. -President Clinton Do you begin to see a trend, here? -Pop

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Hate from the Pulpit

As a general comment on all this racist stuff with Obama’s preacher, and any other supposedly Christian preacher that preaches in that style, I have this to say: Jesus never preached hate. Not once. I strongly suggest that any preacher … Continue reading

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Today, the oak trees here in East Texas are blooming. In just a couple of days, all the bare limbs will be gone and all the trees will have shiny new green leaves. Beautiful. Mowed the yard for the first … Continue reading

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Political Scandals

I’ve been seeing all this about the Spitzer / hooker incident, and it got me to wondering what the scorecard is for Democrats vs Republicans on scandal. There’s a good article on Wikipedia here. I added up the Democrats and … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs

I was in Wal-Mart the other day, and I came across something I’d never seen before: Easter egg color kits – in camo. That’s right, friends, you can now make it nearly impossible for your young child to find their … Continue reading

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Everybody Look the Other Way!

“When good men stand by and do nothing, evil prevails.” I’m sure this is a (mis)quote but I cannot find the source to give reference or to check it. I have witnessed a very peculiar thing, and been a part … Continue reading

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