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Cataract Surgery

Today was the day! I had my left eye cataract surgery today. Scary as it is, I’d take this over going to the dentist. After the paperwork was done, I sat down in a comfortable chair and a nurse administered … Continue reading

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Clinton’s Creative Expression

Hillary “misspoke” with the sniper fire remark. “That depends on what you mean by ‘is’”. -President Clinton Do you begin to see a trend, here? -Pop

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Hate from the Pulpit

As a general comment on all this racist stuff with Obama’s preacher, and any other supposedly Christian preacher that preaches in that style, I have this to say: Jesus never preached hate. Not once. I strongly suggest that any preacher … Continue reading

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Today, the oak trees here in East Texas are blooming. In just a couple of days, all the bare limbs will be gone and all the trees will have shiny new green leaves. Beautiful. Mowed the yard for the first … Continue reading

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Political Scandals

I’ve been seeing all this about the Spitzer / hooker incident, and it got me to wondering what the scorecard is for Democrats vs Republicans on scandal. There’s a good article on Wikipedia here. I added up the Democrats and … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs

I was in Wal-Mart the other day, and I came across something I’d never seen before: Easter egg color kits – in camo. That’s right, friends, you can now make it nearly impossible for your young child to find their … Continue reading

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Everybody Look the Other Way!

“When good men stand by and do nothing, evil prevails.” I’m sure this is a (mis)quote but I cannot find the source to give reference or to check it. I have witnessed a very peculiar thing, and been a part … Continue reading

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Democrats Have a Little Trouble

It’s fascinating to me that the Democratic party seems to be so incompetent that they cannot even run a smooth primary. I seriously fear for our country if this bunch actually gets in control. -Pop

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When Good Men do Nothing

Evil flourishes when good men stand by and do nothing. I’m seeing it happen at my church. What a tragedy. -Pop

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The Most Artistic Way to Lie

From Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein – the two most artistic ways to tell a lie. “It’s not enough to be able to lie with a straight face; anybody with enough gall to raise on a busted … Continue reading

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Israel vs Palestine

In the news stories you see Palestinians being quoted as complaining about ‘Israel’s crimes’ and other similar statements. It amazes me that 1) they can say it with a straight face and 2) apparently, a large part of the world … Continue reading

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