Profiling Instead of Scanning?

I agree with everything Ann Coulter said in this article, except the bit about Dennis Kucinich, because, to be fair, I don’t know much about him.

The progressive agenda rules that political correctness trumps common sense, and puts us all at increased risk, not to mention aggravation and expense.

The fact of the matter is that profiling provides useful information. NOT as a method of determining guilt – that would be wrong. Rather, as a method of focusing attention on those who are most likely to be a problem. There is nothing wrong with this approach, and in fact, you almost certainly employ it yourself, every day. For instance:

Are you more likely to be cautious if you are approached by a clean, neatly dressed man; or a raggedly dressed, visibly dirty slovenly thug with his pants hanging down? Which one of those two people would you think would be most likely to, say, mug you? That’s profiling, bud. Don’t tell me that you don’t do this sort of filtering on a personal level – because I know that you do.

On a larger scale, paying more attention to those who match the profile of terrorists and rather less attention to nuns and four-year-old children makes perfect sense. Except to progressives and democrats.


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