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And, here is a perfect example of a parasite killing its host: “American says labor-contract rules force it to spend at least $600 million more than other airlines.” -Popgun

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Things Are Shaky

I just read Bayou Renaissance Man’s article about Europe, China and the Economic Crisis. He’s got a good ongoing series of articles on the subject, which you should read if you haven’t. Seems to me like the world economy is … Continue reading

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Smart, or Stupid? Capable, or Incompetent?

Obama is either incredibly stupid, inept, incompetent, and a failure as a leader of this country; or, Obama is incredibly intelligent and cunning, competent, capable, and is doing exactly what he intended to do. One way or the other, he’s … Continue reading

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The List Goes On

What Obama has done: Note: this list is just off the top of my head, no research has been done specifically for this entry, so your mileage may vary. Pissed off our allies. Bowed to our enemies. Refused to enforce … Continue reading

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What He Said

Bayou Renaissance Man said this about the economic mess: “There is only one debate to have in this regard: What services do you wish to demand of your government at all levels — federal, state and local? Now temper that … Continue reading

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The Super Comittee

The Super Committee, like any other committee, is a form of life with more than three stomachs and no brain. I don’t know whether the so-called Super Committee will succeed in coming up with a compromise to reduce Federal expenditures … Continue reading

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Am I a Libertarian?

Huh. After reading Roberta X’s article, I begin to think I might be a libertarian. Or Libertarian – not sure which, yet… -Popgun

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The Truth of the Matter

What are the facts? When you cut through all the folderol, what are the basic facts of our situation as a country? The Really BIG problem: The political class has failed all of us by lying to us – for … Continue reading

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The Murderous Gun-Control Activists

There are lots of signs that the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal was actually designed to provoke a public outcry for more gun control laws in the U.S. For instance, what credible program to track guns into Mexico could possibly … Continue reading

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The Herman Cain Non-Scandal

As Bayou Renaissance Man reports, there’s nothing much to the attacks on Cain – except the attacks. What we’re actually seeing here is the liberal media crucifixion machine that did such a grossly unfair, ugly hatchet job on Sarah Palin, … Continue reading

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It’s the Economy, Stupid!

From a purely logical standpoint, what is the correct solution to the economic woes of the United States? Obviously, change our system, such that any business, worldwide, would be insane not to want to be here. So, logically speaking, what … Continue reading

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Global NOT Warming

New data shows that for the last eleven years, there has been no “hockey stick” rise in global temperatures. No global warming, man-made or otherwise. NO correlation with rises in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Of course, this other bloke … Continue reading

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Random Insanity in Politics

Nancy Pelosi, former Democratic Speaker of the House, thinks the government should shut down companies that are not unionized. Regardless of what the people who work there say. She apparently has no concept of personal freedom – for other people. … Continue reading

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