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You Didn’t Build That?

“You didn’t build that!”, Obama said, in a fit of honesty. Every once in a while his mouth gets ahead of his brain and he tells us what he really believes. The very best thing you can say about his … Continue reading

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Officials in at least three cities, including Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, are trying to block Chic-fil-A from opening restaurants in their towns, because Chic-fil-A does not support gay marriage. This constitutes religious persecution by the government. Since when, in the … Continue reading

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Tea Party – Violent?

It seems that the leftist liberal main-stream media has succeeded in painting the Tea Party as being violent. I find this interesting since I cannot think of a single instance of any Tea Party activity in which the members of … Continue reading

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What Are They Hiding??

Regarding Fast & Furious, and President Obama protecting Attorney General Eric Holder by invoking executive privilege – you just have to ask yourself: What are they hiding?? What could possibly be so heinous that this was the least painful route … Continue reading

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Liberals Are Violent People

Joy Behar, a person who deserves zero respect, wants to see Romney’s house burn down. Looks like it is just fine for liberals to use violent imagery, but God forbid a conservative put target symbols on a map! Those bloody … Continue reading

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In his 2008 campaign, Obama said that country folks were “clinging to our Bibles and guns” – like that’s a bad thing. Now NBC news reminds us of that statement, dissing “folks in rural areas” – like me – because … Continue reading

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Things That Annoy Me

Things that annoy me, in no particular order: > The phone system is smart enough to know you need to put a 1 in front of that number, but it is too stupid to do it for you. > Bicycle … Continue reading

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