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Happy Thanksgiving!

Howdy, everybody; For us, this is a unique Thanksgiving; for the first time since we had kids, we (Pop and Grandma) are spending Thanksgiving alone. So it’s a new thing for us. I guess it’s a bit of a transition, … Continue reading

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My Discworld Character!

Which Discworld Character are you like (with pics)created with You scored as Cohen The Barbarian You are Cohen the Barbarian! The greatest hero that ever lived! That is, you were! But you are still alive and kicking! And slashing, … Continue reading

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Macintosh Leopard Goodness

Howdy; I’ve been using the new version of OS/X, version 10.5 (Leopard) all week since it was released October 26. With very minor exceptions, the upgrade was flawless. Of course, after such an upgrade, you spend some time playing with … Continue reading

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Tolerance – Today’s Buzz Word

Howdy, everybody; There’s this idea going around the US nowadays that it is wrong to be ‘against’ most anything. They call it lack of tolerance. The ‘politically correct’ idea is that being ‘intolerant’ is a bad thing. Let’s examine that … Continue reading

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