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Obama is Doing Something Good for the Economy

Obama has actually had a positive impact on the economy, in one industry, at least. We know he is radically anti-second amendment, and does not want private citizens to own guns. So when it became apparent that he might win … Continue reading

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How Bad Is It, Doc?

Disclaimer: I am not an economic expert by any means; it is even possible that I don’t understand the situation at all. However, from where I sit, it looks to me like we have some near-term major financial problems ahead. … Continue reading

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The State of the Union

Well, I watched the speeches tonight. You probably saw this coming, if you’ve been reading this blog, but – in my humble opinion – The best speech tonight was the one given by Paul Ryan. Dead on. -Popgun

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It’s the Economy, Stupid!

I don’t know if the rumors are true, but word is that Obama plans to push for even more spending, in his State of the Union address this week. If so: This constitutes proof that Obama is clueless, at best. … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Violence

A discussion of violence can get you talked about, unless you are condemning somebody else for saying something remotely violent, as the liberal media is doing to Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others. I have a policy about … Continue reading

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These People Really ARE Crazy!

Fringe element liberals are calling for the assassination of Sarah Palin, over marks on a map? (Marks that, contrary to rumor, are NOT gun sights; crosshairs on gunsights don’t extend beyond the circle.) Those folks really ARE crazy! They are … Continue reading

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Obama’s Memorial Speech

Last night, Obama gave a speech that was well done, expressed positive views, and tried to bring us all together. I have to say that, much to my surprise, it was a speech that I could agree with. This is … Continue reading

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