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Accessing Data on Joe the Plumber

Michelle Malkin has a couple of articles on the illegal accessing of Joe the Plumber’s personal records by several different government bureaucrats who had access to government computer systems. I won’t go into detail of that part of it right … Continue reading

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Financing Social Security

They’ve been talking for years about how, along about the time I might need it, we’re going to run out of money to finance Social Security. Kind of makes you wonder how in the world Obama is going to finance … Continue reading

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Why I’m Voting For McCain

I’ve written in the past about the many reasons I’m NOT voting for Obama. It occurs to me that I haven’t really made it clear why I AM voting for McCain. There are a great many reasons. The belief system, … Continue reading

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#$%^& Vista!

It happened again!! Working along in my CAD system in Vista; Vista arbitrarily decides to install updates, dumps me out of my CAD system WITHOUT LETTING ME SAVE MY WORK, and begins to install updates that require a reboot. I’m … Continue reading

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Efficiency in Big Companies

Our company sold three pumps to a major engineering firm. We, in turn bought the pumps from the pump manufacturer. The pumps became ready to ship last Thursday. It took 40 different emails, going in all directions, cc’d multiple times … Continue reading

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Obama’s Socialist Beliefs – From His Own Mouth

Here’s an article at Hot Air with audio of Obama professing his belief in “distributive change”. Very revealing. What Obama told Joe the Plumber was not some sort of verbal stumble. If what he wants is not Marxism, you’d have … Continue reading

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Video of Obama That MSM Won’t Release – Why?

If true, it seems that there is a video of Obama being held by the LA Times, that they won’t release. It’s obvious why they won’t release it. Yet another unsavory relation of Obama’s. This time, it’s Rashid Khalidi, a … Continue reading

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