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Holiday Blues

Howdy, Everybody; Christmas was OK this year, I guess, but somehow it’s not the same as when the kids were, well, kids. It seems that it’s been so fragmented anymore. Son J is in from New York, for a couple … Continue reading

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Why I Will Never Buy Another Microsoft Product

unless I just have to have it for my business. I have a fun computer rig. I have a Macbook Pro – enough said. I’m running Parallels Desktop on it with Windows Vista Business installed in a virtual machine, for … Continue reading

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And a NON Gun Free Zone Shooting

Howdy, Everybody; About the church shootings in Colorado: The media seems to want to emphasize that the lady who stopped the murderer was a ‘security guard’, the unstated implication being that this was someone like you would see working for … Continue reading

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Yet Another Gun Free Zone Shooting has an excellent article about the shooting at the Westroads Mall in Omaha. Yet another mass shooting in a gun-free zone. When will they learn that only the good guys obey the law? Gun free zones = killing fields … Continue reading

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Howdy, everybody; There comes a time in every person’s life when you know for sure that you will die. I don’t think young people can really conceive of this. It comes as a realization one day that you really aren’t … Continue reading

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