Who Controls the Lamestream Media?

The crucifixion of Sarah Palin by the lamestream media is but a symptom of a much larger problem.

Freedom of speech is fundamental and necessary to our continuation as a free country. The day the state, or anyone else (like George Soros), gains the capability to muzzle those who disagree with them, is the day this country is no longer free in any sense; because they are then in complete control of the data available to us to make decisions.

I note the following:

(1) The early attempts by the Obama administration to freeze Fox News out of the presidential reporter pool.

(2) Recently, Senator Jay Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter, both made statements calling for the shut-down of Fox News – within hours of each other, in similar statements. Their statements both mentioned MSNBC and Fox News; the first thing that went through my mind was “I wonder who made the phone calls to these guys telling them what to say?”. They were coordinated.

MSNBC is a throw-away so these critics can make a claim to being even-handed. They are not: Fox News reaches MANY more people than MSNBC. The loss of MSNBC wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar of the liberal press; but the loss of Fox News would be a major blow to anyone who values reliable information on the news segments, or anyone who wants the conservative view from Hannity and Glenn Beck.

(3) George Soros, a multi-billionaire far left progressive, openly gave $1 million dollars to PBS. Do you think there were strings attached? George Soros appears to be actively trying to change our country to a socialist state. He funds many progressive media sources through various organizations he has set up – you can find a partial list of them here, and a more extensive list of them here. Part of Soros’ strategy appears to be to control the news media. Glenn Beck brings a lot of this information together, much of it in this article. You may or may not like Glenn Beck, but his research is accurate.

(4) The progressive / liberal push for control of the internet – here, and here (Rockefeller, again).

(5) The progressive / liberal push to shut down or minimize conservative talk radio with the implementation of the Fairness Doctrine.

Here’s the deal, folks. These efforts have mostly failed – although Soros does have control of much of the lamestream media.

Clearly, those who hate freedom understand the importance of gaining control of the information flow to the public.

The very fact that the progressive / liberal / Democrat group is trying to do these things shows us their anti-American bias; they don’t care about the Constitution, or the First Amendment (or the Second Amendment, or the Fourth) except when they can use them to their advantage.

If they ever succeed, the U.S.A. will have become a banana republic, with controlled media, and it will be a huge nail in our coffin as a free people. Fox News will go silent. Conservative talk radio will go silent. This website, and many like it, will go silent. And this country will be dead, as the Constitutional republic it is now.

The government already lies to us regularly, as witness the estimates of the effects and costs of ObamaCare; what will we do when we cannot even check the facts against other sources?

The free dissemination of information is absolutely essential to our continued existence as a free country.


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