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I Love You, Pop!

Howdy, Everybody; “I love you, Pop!” – my grand-daughter. If there is a better reason for living, I don’t know what it is. – Pop

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9 Guns for Every 10 Americans

Howdy, Friends; There’s an article on here that says that there are 9 guns for every 10 Americans. This means there’s not enough guns out there (grin). Seriously, though – one interesting factoid in this article is that it … Continue reading

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My Shortest Prayer

Howdy, Everybody; My shortest prayer: “Dear Jesus!” This said between leaving the saddle of the motorcycle and hitting the ground. Walked away without a scratch. Sometime around 1971. I found this convincing, and got saved shortly thereafter. -Pop

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My Daily Prayer

Howdy, Folks; Every day, I pray this prayer, or some variation: Dear Lord;Thank you for this new day, Lord. It’s beautiful.Thank you for the love in my life, first for Your amazing love for me, and also for the love … Continue reading

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Pump Laws

(These will probably be revised frequently.) Pump LawsGeneralWe only have one customer, and you’re it! (Snort!) Delivery EVERYBODY lies about delivery. Except US. WE just pass on the lies told to us by our suppliers. I’ve been here more than … Continue reading

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Mouse for the MacBook Pro

Howdy, Everybody; If you hearken back to the pages on switching over to Macintosh, you will remember that the biggest single problem I had was this Logitech VX Revolution mouse. I went through some teething problems and a couple of … Continue reading

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About Separation of Church and State

Howdy, Everybody; I have read the Constitution of the United States and amendments, and it does not say anywhere that religion must be kept separate from government. What it does say is that the government is not allowed to MANDATE … Continue reading

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About the Constitution of the United States

Hi, Everybody; There seems to be a prevailing opinion in some quarters that the protections of personal rights codified in the Constitution of the United States and amendments applies to everybody, even terrorists who are not US citizens. I disagree. … Continue reading

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About Illegal Immigration

Howdy, Everybody; A simple question or three about illegal immigration: Did each individual illegal immigrant break a U.S. or state law? – Yes, by definition.What is the law they broke? – They entered the U.S. illegally.What is the penalty for … Continue reading

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I’ve Seen…

Howdy, everybody; I am 53+ years old, born November 1953; and while that’s not just REAL old, I’ve seen enough that the changes are pretty interesting. To me, anyway. The following list is some of the things I’ve seen, that … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve – Cell Phones on the Road

Howdy everybody; Today, I went to the bank at lunch, it being payday and everything. This is normally something that pretty much uses up my lunch break. In traffic I got behind this person whom I couldn’t pass and who … Continue reading

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