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Racism in Politics – Again

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but a lot of what’s going on is pure demonization of those who disagree with you, along with willful ignorance. For instance, Morgan Freeman has decided that the Tea Party is a … Continue reading

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It’s been ten years, tomorrow, since nineteen Muslim terrorists decided to murder as many Americans as they could manage. All true Americans regret the deaths of so many of us, and sympathize with their families. And our country reacted appropriately, … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is our holiday in remembrance of those who have died in military service overseas, while serving our country. They deserve our highest respect. My father was in the Navy in World War II. I have some old photos, … Continue reading

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I will listen respectfully to anything Bayou Renaissance Man has to say. -Popgun

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Fax Machines

I was wondering a while ago why we still use fax machines. After all, email is so much more efficient. In my case, certain vendors simply don’t use email, so we have to use fax. This caused me to think … Continue reading

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Computers, Then and Now

For me, computers are an empowering force, a multiplier of my own abilities; for instance, if I had to write this article by hand, I probably simply wouldn’t bother. Computers make many things easier, and no few things become practical … Continue reading

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Radioactive Snow

When I was a young boy, snow was a big thing. I remember in one good snow fall, we had the neighbors over, and we made snow ice cream. Judging by this article, I’m guessing this was 1957; I was … Continue reading

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