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Far Left Inconsistency

How come the people on the far left spend so much effort promoting “Constitutional Separation of Church and State” which does not, in fact, exist in the Constitution of the United States; and yet they also spend great effort to … Continue reading

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New CHL Laws in Texas

I have a Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License). Therefore, I try to keep up with the latest and greatest laws that pertain thereto. The following is in the current book (ls-16.pdf) published by the government for the purpose: PC 9.34 … Continue reading

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Engineering Companies

I am in the position of quoting projects to customers of all sorts. Most of the time, this is a fairly benign process – the customer tells you what he wants, you do design work if necessary, and figure out … Continue reading

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Pacifism – Wrong!

Violence is something that exists in life, and sooner or later all of us will be confronted with it on some level. Many people are taught to submit when confronted with violence. These people tend to believe that in order … Continue reading

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Church Management – an Unflattering Look

I’ve been going to the same church since 1975. I’ve been there through half a dozen preachers. So I get a pretty good feel for what goes on. Recently, two or three (very new) members of the church have aggressively … Continue reading

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I just read an article describing how many Utah schools are either not commemorating 9/11 or are downplaying it. The text of the article stated, regarding the children, “we don’t want them to dwell on violence”. It occurs to me … Continue reading

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Howdy, Everybody; Well, our customer said Frog again, and we Jumped again! Got a call yesterday just before lunch that they wanted us on site to startup the pumps, again. So we called everybody to meet us there, same as … Continue reading

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