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Democrat Talking Points

The Democrats want to paint the Tea Party folks as obstinate, unyielding ideologues who are obstructing their ability to make laws that suit them. Well, it’s true. They are. God bless ‘em, they are exactly the sort of people who … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling Debate and Compromise

I’ve been hearing on the TV a lot of Democrats pompously announcing that “The American people want compromise!” and “The American people want a bi-partisan agreement!”. I’m here to tell you that if any politician utters a statement that begins … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling

The House of Representatives has already passed a bill (Cut, Cap and Balance) to allow raising the debt ceiling, which the Democrats blocked in the Senate – and Obama had already announced that even if it passed the Senate, he … Continue reading

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Spare Money

Obama wants to increase taxes on everybody – although, for the moment, he is limiting his goals to wealthy people and profitable businesses that he says don’t need all that money they have in the bank. First, he ignores the … Continue reading

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Simulation of the Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Obama: “I don’t have enough income, and I can’t use my Visa to pay my American Express, unless Visa will increase my credit limit, and I’ve got to make a payment on August 2!” Visa (Republicans): “We won’t increase your … Continue reading

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Gun Free Zone

The massacre on the island in Norway was an extreme example of what you can expect when you count on the police to protect you from evil people. I hasten to say, this is not the police’s fault – but … Continue reading

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Obama Sure Talks Purty, Don’t He?

Rep. Boehner broke off the debate with Obama, and Obama immediately gave a news conference / speech, which I just watched. I took no written notes, and i don’t have a transcript. Here are some of my impressions: First, Obama … Continue reading

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