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Exede12 Internet Service – Review

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to be the second installation of Exede12 satellite internet service in our area, at least by our installer. The first installation was the company‚Äôs own, so ours is the first in the wild, so to … Continue reading

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Gas Prices

Obama is asserting that high gas prices are not his fault, even though it is exactly what he wanted to happen, in order to cause an economic pressure to move to alternate energy. Look at what he has done, rather … Continue reading

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It is my habit to pray every morning, as I drive to work. I pray for the usual things, thankful for salvation and the health of my family and so forth. Usually, after the personal parts, I pray for our … Continue reading

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Obama vs Religion

Obama is at it again, trying to force religious entities like Catholic Church related organizations to provide free contraceptives and day-after pills (tantamount to abortion), free through his government-mandated insurance requirements. Obama, under intense political pressure, says he has backed … Continue reading

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