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Your Sense of Morality Doesn’t Matter

How would you feel if the government required you to kill an innocent puppy or kitten, on pain of loss of your job? How about if it was a newborn baby? Or an unborn child at six months development? Obama … Continue reading

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Here we go. Obama’s budget: From Hot Air – $3.6 trillion dollars divided by 139 million taxpayers is $25,573.48 each. In 2010. This is if all taxpayers pay an equal share in the incredible debt Obama is inflicting on us. … Continue reading

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If You’re In A Hole…

Quit Digging! Somebody tell Obama! Obama is borrowing trillions of dollars from other countries. We may or may not be able to make the interest payments on these loans in the coming years. Exactly how is that different than the … Continue reading

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Popgun Economics

I watched President Obama last night, and spent some time thinking about this economic problem and the other things he said. What I’m about to explain is part of my understanding of how the world works, and isn’t really related … Continue reading

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“Climate Change”

Have you noticed that the environmentalists have quit calling it ‘global warming’? They’ve switched to calling it ‘climate change’. They’re sure something is changing; they’re just not sure which way it’s going. Snort. -Popgun

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Do You Know…

Here’s a thought: you are going to survive everything that EVER happens to you – except the last thing. So really, you’ve only got one thing to worry about, right? Have a nice day! -Popgun

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Trying to Make Sense of it All

Either global warming is happening, or it’s not. There is sufficient data which conflict with the idea of global warming to, at the very least, cast serious doubt on it. Even if it is happening, there is even less evidence … Continue reading

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