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The Race Card and the Victim Card

Isn’t it interesting how Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly plays the race card? Here’s a direct quote from Obama: “What they’re saying is ‘Well, we know we’re not very good but you can’t risk electing Obama. You know, he’s new, he … Continue reading

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About All These Bicyclists…

An observation about bicyclists: They have a hobby that annoys the uninvolved. I live on a farm to market road in rural East Texas. I have on many occasions been delayed in traveling due to clumps of bicyclists who are … Continue reading

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Nifty Photo of the Day

From Nasa Images website: what a solar eclipse looks like, from space: -Popgun

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Motorcycle Update – 800 miles

Yesterday, when I got ready to leave work, the battery was nearly dead on my Suzuki DR650SE. Many motorcycles have an ignition key position that locks the handlebars to one side or the other, to make the bike difficult to … Continue reading

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You Should Read These Stories…

These are testimonies of survivors of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in World War II. Way back in high school I had read a book written by survivors, and I was looking online for that old book, when I … Continue reading

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I had a great time with my 3 year old grand-daughter a couple of days ago. I got home from work, and she was there, so I got down on the floor with her and we started stacking blocks. She’s … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Update – 650 miles

The Suzuki DR650 is continuing to perform as advertised. As I have gone through break-in and started applying a bit more throttle, gas mileage has dropped to around 48 mpg, the last hundred miles or so. Picked up my license … Continue reading

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Oil, Pollution, and Energy Independence

The Democrats do not want to allow new drilling in the U.S. for environmental reasons (global warming). Their push is for alternate energy sources, and that is not a bad thing in itself, if we don’t wreck our economy to … Continue reading

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Global Warming – revisited

Here’s an excellent article by someone who has reason to know the truth. Very interesting. We’re about to destroy our economy to correct a non-problem. There is no greenhouse effect. Carbon emissions are not a problem. -Popgun

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Guns for Self Defense, and Heller

I just finished reading a site which listed a bunch of incidents in which a (legal) concealed handgun carrier was in a position to stop or reduce the damage created by a nutcase (bad guy) with a gun. Then I … Continue reading

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A Science Moment – Global Warming…

Lord Monckton of Brenchley, science advisor to Britain’s Thatcher administration, points out that: “In the past 70 years the Sun was more active than at almost any other time in the past 11,400 years … Mars, Jupiter, Neptune’s largest moon, … Continue reading

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Shades of the Gestapo

Obama said, on July 2: We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just … Continue reading

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Nuclear Iran

No effort at diplomacy will cause Iran to shut down and dismantle their nuclear program. The reason? Because they are so, so close to achieving their goals. All they need is just a little more time… and continued diplomacy gives … Continue reading

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Political Correctness Run Amok

Ignorance reaches new levels! In Dallas County, Texas, an un-named black official and Commissioner Wiley Price objected to the use of the term “black hole” in reference to their collections office, which tends to lose things. They claimed it was … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Update

I’ve been riding the DR650 to work this week. I filled up on Monday morning, and again, this morning. It turns out I’m getting 51.17 MPG on this first full tank. In comparison with the Dodge Grand Caravan I would … Continue reading

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It Just Gets Better and Better

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, man of God, about Obama: “I want to cut his nuts off.” He also accused Obama of talking down to black folks. The Reverend called Obama’s campaign to apologize. My guess is, he wouldn’t have done … Continue reading

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Democratic Congress Approval Rating Hits 9%

I think it’s just funny as heck that the Democrats, who control congress, have taken the approval rating of Congress to a historic low of 9%, according to the Rasmussen’s poll. Good job, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid! < snort! … Continue reading

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Examples of Why Calling 911 Will NOT Protect You…

See Bayou Renaissance Man’s blog. I can’t really add too much to this, except to emphasize that these are excellent examples of why calling ‘911’ might not save your life. The same is true of home alarm systems, and the … Continue reading

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The Suzuki is Here – Finally!

I picked up the new 2008 Suzuki DR650 a bit before lunch on Wednesday July 2. It took 35 days to arrive after I ordered it. The dealer told me that if I ordered it today he wouldn’t be able … Continue reading

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Declaration of Independence – and God

I’d just like to point out that God, the creator, is mentioned at least three times in the Declaration of Independence. Just a little footnote for those ‘separation of church and state’ fanatics. The most major document our founding fathers … Continue reading

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