Has anyone noticed the absolute horror with which certain people (Chris Cristie, Carl Rove, and every progressive) meet the very idea that a normal but talented American citizen (Sarah Palin) could possibly become President? They show it through snark and derision.

Apparently, us normal people aren’t allowed in positions of authority, unless we come up through the ranks of a major political party in the traditional way, so that they know we are indoctrinated and controlled by their financial and political influence.

Nothing scares a career politician like the thought of somebody becoming powerful whom they have no influence over.

This highlights one of the biggest problems we have in this country; the bureaucracy and the rats-nest of interdependencies and outright bribes that cause politicians to vote for any bill contrary to the desire of their constituents (think ObamaCare for a great example).

Personally, I think we really, really need people in Washington – in all elected and appointed positions – who are from outside the “system”. I think it would absolutely do wonders for this country.

And it’s sad, because I used to like Carl Rove, for his clear thinking and intelligence. Now I see he is also an elitist, and I’m disappointed.


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