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The Eyes Have It part 2

I’m on for the lens replacement surgery. My left eye will be March 26; my right eye will be April 23. I wish it was closer together, but that’s the way it came out. I’ll keep you posted on what … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It…

Today I went to my regular optometrist to get my regularly scheduled eye exam. He confirmed that I do have the early stages of cataracts which I mentioned earlier. He tells me that I probably have around ten years before … Continue reading

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And Yet Another Gun-Free Zone Rampage…

Howdy, everybody. Gun free zones DON’T WORK. If ONE person in the auditorium in Illinois had been armed, it is very likely the death toll would have been much less. The Munchkin Wrangler says it very well. How many more … Continue reading

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Apparently, Hillary has taught herself to cry at will… How transparent!! And, come on – wimpy! Do you Democrats really want the President of the United States to be someone that either A) so transparently and obviously tries to manipulate … Continue reading

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Howdy; This morning, I heard alcoholism referred to as a ‘disease’ on the radio. So I looked up the definition of ‘disease’, and I found, to my surprise, that alcoholism could possibly fall within the definition. I always thought that … Continue reading

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Democrats vs Republicans

Frankly, I’m getting tired of thinking about it. But I do have some opinions, and I’m entitled to mine just as you are yours. Here’s what I think: Democrats and the far left are anti-second amendment. It bothers me that … Continue reading

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