Sarah Palin for President?

Would Sarah Palin make a good POTUS? Well, since we haven’t tried it yet, we really don’t know.

I’ve been watching her “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” series. From the two episodes I have seen, I observe that she:

(1) Doesn’t flinch from hard work or unpleasant tasks (halibut processing – also gets up at 4:30 AM to study and interface with FOX on the east coast).
(2) Doesn’t get wee-wee’d up just because she is within yards of dangerous animals (bears fighting while the Palin’s were fishing).
(3) Is tenacious (she made it up that rock-climb, even though it was difficult for her).
(4) Can take advice from others she respects (Todd).
(5) Can capably multi-task (working in the motor home while Todd drives, while simultaneously managing her family).
(6) Is physically fit.
(7) Exhibits great management skills (if you think managing a family doesn’t demonstrate this, you probably don’t have kids).
(8) Is obviously a good money manager (check out their home, motor home, and other possessions).
(9) Enjoys shooting!
(10) Has a wide range of experience in the real world (as opposed to being a cloistered college professor type who has never done anything in life BUT politics, such as Obama).

Of course, she doesn’t have an Ivy League education. Oh, waitObama has an Ivy League education; see how that’s working out! Maybe that is not such a great qualification!


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