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I got it from Lady Tam, who got it from here. Snort. Hey guys, Palin has Lawdog’s paw of approval! I’ve been pro-McCain all along, first because he doesn’t have the unsavory acquaintances and mentors that Obama has had, his … Continue reading

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McCain and Palin

This is good news! I had been afraid that McCain would pick some stodgy politician for a running mate, and look what he did instead! Looking over the specs, I think Sarah Palin will make a great V.P., and I … Continue reading

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Priceless Picture –

This is a great picture, by Brigid! -Popgun

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I wonder when the Democrats will start wondering how Obama (or anybody else, for that matter) is going to give them universal health care, etc., etc., without it costing them anything? In fact, while reducing your taxes (if he keeps … Continue reading

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Sharing the Pie

Here’s an excellent blog article at Home on the Range that outlines why America is not a socialist state. Which Obama wants to turn it into. Very good read. Michelle Obama said: “Most Americans don’t want much. They don’t want … Continue reading

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I Know, Another Obama Ad

Check it out: on Powerline, there’s a video of an ad done about Obama and his relation with William Ayers, former member of the domestic terrorist group “Weather Underground” which bombed the capital, police stations, etc.. Ayers’ comment on this … Continue reading

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Madonna & McCain

About Madonna’s ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour wherein she vilifies McCain and compares him, by implication, to Hitler: Madonna is just an entertainer, who has no more knowledge or experience of politics than you or I do, and who’s opinion is … Continue reading

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