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Oh Noes! He Might Be Another Clinton!

Herman Cain has been accused, falsely or not, of sexual harassment: Oh Noes! He could be another Clinton! -Popgun

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About That Government Database

About that national biometric ID database that the government wants to implement, Tamara at View From The Porch said this: “Keep it from falling into the wrong hands”? It’s a government database! It’s starting out in the wrong hands! Ha! … Continue reading

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Political Parable

Here’s a parable for the modern age of politics in the USA: —— A liberal and a conservative are driving down the road, and come to a man whose car has run out of gas; so, both feeling altruistic, they … Continue reading

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Frustrated and Angry

Frustration and anger; that is what I feel towards our entire political system. Our politicians, en masse, lie to us daily. Every blooming one of them. IMHO. They lie to us by redefining the language. Most recently, and significantly, a … Continue reading

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They Don’t Want “Fair”, That’s for Sure.

The “occupy wall street” protestors now want all educational loans to be zeroed out. I have a message to all you “occupy wall street” protestors: If you are getting something for nothing; somebody, somewhere, is getting nothing for something. Where’s … Continue reading

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Democrat Deception

Obama and the rest of the Democrats are currently embarked on a program to vilify the wealthy, the successful business people on whom our economy depends. He is, in effect, saying that all the economic problems we have can be … Continue reading

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About Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” Plan

Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” plan, according to this article, would almost double the taxes of an average family of four (who bring in just under $50,000 annually). And it might be considerably more than that. Most of this is from the … Continue reading

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