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New Shooters – Dr. William Holda and his wife

Today, I took Dr. William (Bill) Holda and his wife Scotti to the range for the first time. Dr. Holda is the president of Kilgore College. These folks had never held or shot any handgun. Several months ago, Dr. Holda … Continue reading

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A Dangerous Situation

We are in a very dangerous situation, and Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats have put us there. This blog entry is based on information in this article. The 111th congress that is now at the end of its term … Continue reading

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By Hook or By Crook!

Obama is trying to implement his agenda by hook or by crook, no matter who gets in the way. Against the will of the people, and with some really questionable tactics, Obama and his Democrats got ObamaCare passed. To do … Continue reading

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Global Warming – Ha!

Bayou Renaissance Man says in this article: “These global warming fanatics never cease to amaze me. Their computer models have been completely and utterly discredited. If you enter into their models actual records from, say, 1900 to 1975, and then … Continue reading

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Media Distortion

From the House of Eratosthenes: “Beware the Government-Entertainment Complex, for the power to surround a weak-minded man with the same message in several directions, is the power to tell him what to think.” And, among many other things, this is … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas 2010!

Christmas is our celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, our Savior! With His birth, mankind received the greatest possible blessing, as God demonstrated His amazing love for us. Rejoice! Rejoice, indeed! For God has indeed blessed … Continue reading

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I see a lot of noise on the news about the Democrats wanting bipartisan agreements on bills; they want the Republicans to meet them half-way. It’s almost magical (snort, cough), how all these Democrats are suddenly reaching across the aisle! … Continue reading

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Why Are You Conservative / Libertarian?

Here is an excellent article by Morgan K. Freeberg that outlines the difference in thinking between liberals and conservatives. Highly recommended! I originally found it here. Seriously – go read this article. Especially if you are a liberal! Because, so … Continue reading

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Wikileaks Task Force!

WTF? -Popgun

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Net Neutrality – Bad!

The FCC has just given itself the authority to regulate some aspects of the internet. That’s odd; it was not regulated last week, and the internet kept rocking along just fine. Why, exactly, do we suddenly need even more statist … Continue reading

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This country badly needs a Hero. Obama isn’t it. Sarah Palin might be… at the very least, she is what she says she is, and makes no bones about it. Our culture commonly associates lawyers, politicians and car salesmen with … Continue reading

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Lame Duck Sessions

You have to wonder why we allow congress-critters who have been voted out to have two more months to write legislation and pass bills. Those who know they are on the way out have lost all reason to be responsible … Continue reading

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Obama Bailed

A couple of days ago, Obama turned his own press conference over to Bill Clinton, and left to go to a Christmas party with his wife, leaving Clinton to carry the load. Now, that is what you call a sense … Continue reading

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Wow. The Democrats are trying to shove yet another spending bill down our throats, this time 1924 pages. Suddenly. In the lame-duck session of the legislature. $1,100,000,000,000 dollars. Give or take. Against the demonstrated will of the people. Again. ($575,000,000 … Continue reading

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A Pack of Hyenas

There’s a lot of theater going on in Washington about taxes. A lot of it is posturing, trying to establish a tone for the next election; some of it is real debate. I suspect the deal is already done, and … Continue reading

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Made Some Changes

As you can see, I’ve made some changes to the layout. Unfortunately, I lost a few things in the transition, like my blogroll, for instance. I’ll put it back when I get a few minutes to recreate it. -Popgun

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How Safe is Concealed Carry of Guns?

Quite safe, actually. Here’s a parallel to think about: First, posit that statistically you can count on the holder of a concealed handgun license (CHL) not to intentionally commit murder; after all, they have all been thoroughly checked out by … Continue reading

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What is the Source of Wealth?

I’m not an economist; I’m just a country boy. But I do have a brain that I take out and use every once in a while. What follows are my own conclusions, after half a century of watching what goes … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck’s “Broke”

I recently read Glenn Beck’s book “Broke”; and last night, I went to see his live broadcast of the same name, at the local theater. The book was fascinating in the same way the sight of a snake fascinates a … Continue reading

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Obama’s New Drilling Moratorium

Obama is implementing a new, seven year moratorium on offshore oil drilling in many areas. Let me see, now… relatively small (1) potential risk of an oil spill in the ocean – or the certainty of putting many thousands of … Continue reading

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