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The Over-riding Importance of Politics

One thing I have learned from the Obama administration, and that is this: Politics is IMPORTANT. We hire a bunch of people to run things for us because we are too busy to give it our direct attention most of … Continue reading

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Liberal Tilt

I was watching a Democratic strategist on the news last night; she was proclaiming that the GOP is now controlled by the Tea Party. That’s their new party line. Why are they promoting this idea? Some observations: First the liberals … Continue reading

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Interesting News About the Oil Spill

Here is some interesting new information about the gulf oil spill. It seems that the uncoordinated attempts by the coast guard and others to put out the fire may have contributed or even caused the sinking of the platform, which … Continue reading

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Liberal Violence vs Conservative Violence

Boy, Ann Coulter really nailed it on this one. Every single thing she said in this article is true! Liberals consistently try to portray conservatives as being guilty of racism, violence, and all sorts of other bad behavior. As Ann … Continue reading

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Regarding Immigration Law

Do you remember back in the days when we had government that respected the rule of law? The rule of law is based on the concept that there is one body of law, and it applies equally to you, to … Continue reading

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Fundamental Flaw

There is a fundamental flaw in the idea that the government can use carbon-emission taxes (cap & trade) to artificially raise the price of energy to the point that electric cars and other ‘green’ technologies become economically viable. Here is … Continue reading

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Manipulation on a Scary Scale

By now you may have heard of the Journolist issue. 1, 2. This was a news group wherein a large number of liberal news media, including many big names from the main stream media, loosely coordinated efforts to control the … Continue reading

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