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Pop’s Dilemma

“Junk expands to occupy all available storage.” -Pop

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Why are Guns the Best Tool for Self Defense?

Howdy, Friends; Why do we need guns for self defense? (Note – this discussion does not apply to long guns or hunting.) You’ve probably heard them called ‘equalizers’. Well, they are. They allow anyone to successfully defend themselves against single … Continue reading

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The Right to Defend Yourself

Hello, All; My heart goes out to the families and friends of the fallen at Virginia Tech. Perhaps this event has affected the timing of this entry, but I had already planned to write about self defense, so there is … Continue reading

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Switching from Windows to Macintosh – Chapter 13

Hello, World! Still loving the Mac! I have almost eliminated any need for Windows programs. The very few I do need, I run in Parallels Desktop or on my other machine. One thing that bothered me was the lack of … Continue reading

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