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What I’m reading today: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin So far, it’s really good. I’m a couple of chapters into it, and so far Mr. Levin has explained quite a lot about the history of the battle between … Continue reading

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Kudos to Lucia Whalen

My respect to Lucia Whalen, who did what any good neighbor should do: call the police when you see someone breaking into a neighbor’s home. Shame, shame on those who have treated her badly for this act of good will. … Continue reading

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Finite Resources

It is self-evident that the Earth has finite resources. So do nations, and so do individuals. For instance, if I consistently spend more money than I make, then the people who don’t get paid are going to come to me … Continue reading

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“Is the color orange that you see the same as the color orange I see?” This is a deeper question than you might think. I mean, here we are, both looking at the same orange object. My brain interprets what … Continue reading

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Bad Strategy Selling the Health Plan

Obama and his liberal-progressive cronies are pushing a health-care plan that will ration health care, progressively more as you age. It is a poor strategy, trying to sell something like that, when the baby-boomers (of which I am one) are … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Lies Again

Regarding the Thune amendment, rabid anti-gun Mayor Bloomberg said: “It would make it a lot easier for illegal gun traffickers to walk the streets of any city with multiple hand guns and that’s particularly problematic,” Hey, Mayor Bloomberg – illegal … Continue reading

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Recursiveness in Blogging…

Here’s a picture of my blogging… Recursive! -Popgun

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Synchronizing the iPhone

I just synchronized my iPhone 3G, 16 GB model, with my MacBook Pro. I was noticing all the empty space on the iPhone – like 13.24 GB free; so I decided on a whim to put all my photos on … Continue reading

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Fish Tank

I just added water to the fish tank in my office. I think I heard one of the fish cosmologists talking to another fish about how the universe is clearly expanding, at the speed of current. -Popgun

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All Together Now — NO!

From the Weekly Standard: The reasons for the public revolt are easy to see. The Democrats want to spend $1.5 trillion over a decade, impose an $800 billion tax increase in the midst of the worst recession in a generation, … Continue reading

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End of Life “Options”

The current version of the “health care” bill has a section on end-of-life, that is frightening. Read about it over at Bayou Renaissance Man’s site.   I don’t want bureaucrats deciding what medical care I may have, and I don’t want … Continue reading

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They Say it So Well

Regarding Obama, Professor Henry Gates, and Sgt. Crowley: Bore Patch says it so very well. Obama really annoyed every professional police officer in the country with his prejudiced (that is to say, pre-judged) assumption that the police were in the … Continue reading

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Wasting Ammo

Yesterday after work, a friend and I went to the lease to spend some time wasting ammo with our SIG556‘s. It is our custom, for safety’s sake, that only one of us shoots at a time. I had sighted mine … Continue reading

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Obama Has Lost It

Obama has lost what little credibility he had left. His speech last night was entirely defensive. He did not address the fact that he is delaying the July budget report until after the vote on health care because he knows … Continue reading

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Just So You Know…

ObamaCare presently has provisions for: Free care for illegal aliens (voted for by every democrat on the panel). A provision that you can keep your existing insurance – but you can never leave it and get another without reverting to … Continue reading

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Obama pledged…

Ha. In discussions about the health care reform bill, the biggest single issue is how to pay for it. Quote: Democrats insist the budget analysis ignores savings and Obama’s pledge not to add red ink to the federal ledger. Well, … Continue reading

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Vacation was Good!

Vacation was good, but now I’m back at work. For me, this was, in a way, an odd vacation. I almost simulated being retired for a week. We did make a few semi-local trips, but it was nice and relaxed; … Continue reading

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Congress and Health Care

How about we write our congressmen and women and insist that they put a provision in the health care bill that they are required to have the same health care plan that we will have under the new plan – … Continue reading

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Obama / Democrat Scorecard so far: Stimulus – $850B: Unemployment continuing to rise well past Obama predictions – stimulus FAIL. So there’s some talk in congress about a second stimulus… Plan to stop foreclosures – $50B: FAIL. Managing the Budget … Continue reading

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Vacation Chores

I may have mentioned that I’m on vacation this week. I haven’t gone on any trips or anything like that. Monday I bought a truck. Tuesday I started on the installation of a thermostatic vent fan in my workshop / … Continue reading

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