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New Fundamental Scientific Law

We’ll call this one Popgun’s Law. The amount of fun in a lifetime is fixed. You only get a certain amount, and when it’s gone, you die. Restated, The rate of consumption of fun is inversely proportional to projected lifespan. … Continue reading

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Perception of Risk

In my previous post, I referenced an article at Home on the Range that gave some very good tips for home security. I particularly agreed with Brigid’s comments about alarm systems. An email exchange with my daughter-in-law caused me to … Continue reading

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I Want One of These

This is cool! An amphibious ATV that can go 50 mph on land or water, and converts from one to the other in five seconds with the push of a button. Nifty. -Popgun

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A Beautiful Day – So Far

Riding in to work this morning was about as perfect as I’ve ever seen. Beautiful weather, temperature perfect, very light traffic – a great way to start off the day! On a related note, I was reading yesterday that somebody … Continue reading

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Motorcycling Has it’s Risks

Yesterday, Friday, I was riding my Suzuki DR650SE through some residential streets on the way to the mechanic’s shop; they had my old van. Anyhow, I was going down a perfectly straight stretch of road at the posted 30 MPH … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Tires – Finally

Well, I finally got the tires mounted on my Suzuki. As mentioned earlier, I mounted the tires myself, to save the $150 the dealer would have charged. Of course, I had to buy a set of tire irons, and altogether, … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Tires for a Dual Purpose Bike

I’ve been riding a long time; I think I’m on my tenth motorcycle, at the moment; It’s a DR650 Suzuki dual-purpose. Dual purpose bikes are sort of a niche product – if you can only afford one bike, they are … Continue reading

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