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Things That Annoy Me

Things that annoy me, in no particular order: > The phone system is smart enough to know you need to put a 1 in front of that number, but it is too stupid to do it for you. > Bicycle … Continue reading

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This prose is priceless, and truly illustrates just how insane our government has become. Tamara says, in her post here: “I want you to ponder this: We have reached a point on the civilizational senescence scale where our lawmakers have … Continue reading

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I Won’t Vote for Romney

I won’t vote for Mitt Romney, unless he’s running against Obama. -Popgun

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Writer’s Block? Naaa – Can’t Be!

I’d say I have writer’s block, but that would imply that I am a writer. I’ll be back! -Popgun

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God Help ’em.

God help those Japanese people. Is it my imagination, or are the disasters getting more Biblical every year? 9/11; Wars, and rumors of war; Hurricane Katrina; the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004; the earthquakes in Haiti, China, South America; President … Continue reading

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Will the Federal Government Shut Down?

The government may shut down if the Democrats and Republicans don’t reach a compromise on the budget. Now, seriously, is this a bad thing? After all < Snort! Cough! >, our biggest single problem is the massive overspending the government … Continue reading

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Wikileaks Task Force!

WTF? -Popgun

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