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Excellent Analysis of the Guerena Shooting

Here is an excellent analysis of the Guerena shooting, which I mentioned previously here. The guy was apparently shot 22 times by the police. He was holding a gun – in his home – and the safety was still on … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is our holiday in remembrance of those who have died in military service overseas, while serving our country. They deserve our highest respect. My father was in the Navy in World War II. I have some old photos, … Continue reading

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Mental States

The USA has a big problem, pretty much like most of the world. Since we here in the USA use the vote to make certain major decisions, we may be more vulnerable to this weakness than some other countries. The … Continue reading

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By Hook or by Crook – Gun Control

Like many other issues, if Obama and his radical friends can’t get there through the congress, they’ll try to get there by the back door. It looks like, by his own statement, Obama’s about to try to pull some underhanded … Continue reading

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The Role of the Police (updated)

What is the role of the police? (This article has been updated and brought forward to add another example of SWAT action) Originally, it was to protect the innocent, and to solve crime and apprehend criminals. It still is, largely, … Continue reading

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There is some fellow named Harold Camping who has been telling anyone who would listen that today is supposed to be the day of the Rapture. We already know he is wrong about the date of this event, unless he … Continue reading

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Mexico is a Gun Free Zone

About those gun free zones created by posting signs, think about this: Mexico is, effectively, a gun free zone. And how’s that working out? Makes my point in a big way: gun free zones are places where only crooks have … Continue reading

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