Comment Moderation Policy

Oh, by the way – I do monitor comments on this blog. If you are one of those drive-by ranters from the far left who rabidly spews hate and are incapable of rational discourse – your comments will not be shown here.  The same is true for anyone whose tone I don’t like.

On the other hand, if you seem to be someone who can honestly debate, i will usually allow the comment even if I disagree with you. Feel free to make your points – cite your sources and state your facts; and I will do the same. We may not convince each other, but there’s no reason we can’t part ways with respect for each other’s views. Usually.

The purpose of my blog is to speak my mind to the world. I welcome honest debate, but I’m not interested in providing a bulletin board for nut cases who can’t even make rational sense. This is MY blog, and discourse here will be rational and respectful.

Some people betray their lack of ability to think critically every time they type a word, and undoubtedly every time they open their mouth, as well. If you are such a one, be aware that I take great pleasure in deleting your comments after you went to the trouble of typing it.


1 Response to Comment Moderation Policy

  1. Dennis Kelleher says:

    I came to this site after searching for comments on mifi. I am truly sorry for Popgun’s passing. He sounds like a man who was worth knowing

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