George W. Bush’s “Decision Points”

I haven’t read it yet. But I was watching the news last night, and saw where some liberal bunch or other was trying to get book stores to put “Decision Points” in the crime section of the bookstore, I guess because they have it in for George Bush, accusing him of being a war criminal or something. What a bunch of jerks!

I don’t give George W. Bush my uncritical support – he made several mistakes, especially in his handling of federal spending; but I honestly like the man, and I respect him because he did what he set out to do: protect the people of this country. Something Obama has notably failed to do.

So I bought a copy of “Decision Points”, just to show my support. I’ll be reading it soon, but I’ve got three books ahead of it. Book report forthcoming, when I get to it.

I very much doubt I’ll waste my money on any book by Obama, now or later.


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