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Natural Climate Fluctuation

Please review this graph. It is global temperatures for the last 415,000 years, based on ice core samples. I might mention it does not appear to have been ‘retouched’ by Al Gore’s pet “scientists“. You can tell by the lack … Continue reading

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What He Said –

Wow. I just discovered Doctor Zero. Go there, and read this article. I agree with everything this man said, and he said it better than I can. -Popgun

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Motherly Love

A mother says that she is glad she did not abort her child; that she loves him and is glad he is alive. The National Organization for Women panics and protests against this simple message. Does anybody else see anything … Continue reading

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The Apple iPad

I have decided that I want an Apple iPad. I want one because: I like to read. In bed; in the bathroom; in the doctor’s waiting room; while eating; in point of fact, I am rarely without a book. With … Continue reading

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ObamaCare Still in the Works?

Some headlines indicate the Democrats may try to ram ObamaCare through via reconciliation, in spite of the overwhelming polls showing that the people of the United States do not want it. If they do pass it, it will cost $2.5 … Continue reading

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Unemployment – Bush vs Obama

Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics. The last three bars on the right represent the period under which Democrats had control of Congress. I should mention that Congress makes the budget – not the President. The last bar on the … Continue reading

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Obama – “Clings” – to his Agenda

Well, after watching the State of the Union address last night, there’s really only one conclusion I can make: Obama still isn’t listening to we, the people. He is having a major reality disconnect. Obama is instituting some measures that … Continue reading

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