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Words That Get You Watched by Big Brother

Somebody published a list of words that government computers search the telephone traffic and the internet for, presumably to automatically flag for further attention by the various security services. You can view it here. Some of the choices are kind … Continue reading

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Exede12 Internet Service – Review

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to be the second installation of Exede12 satellite internet service in our area, at least by our installer. The first installation was the company’s own, so ours is the first in the wild, so to … Continue reading

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Satellite Internet Services

Here’s an interesting factoid. Our company currently has bandwidth problems and so I called HughesNet to see if they could do better than their competition (Wild Blue). So, talking to HughesNet salesman, we discussed one of their faster business plans, … Continue reading

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Talking Heads and Medicare and stuff

I was just watching Fox news, and the commentator asked the guest (sorry, I didn’t catch his name) what they thought was the first thing to look at in order to cut government deficit spending. The first thing the guest … Continue reading

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Made Some Changes

As you can see, I’ve made some changes to the layout. Unfortunately, I lost a few things in the transition, like my blogroll, for instance. I’ll put it back when I get a few minutes to recreate it. -Popgun

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iPad 3G Activation Issues

Disclaimer: This piece contains facts as reported by word of mouth and by discussion groups. Interpretation of these events is my own opinion, and worth what it costs – your conclusions may vary. I don’t have the 3G version of … Continue reading

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The iPad May Result in the Fall of Civilization

In my lifetime, I have seen the rise of the personal computer. When I was a kid, books were the thing. Since then, with the advent of the personal computer, networks, the internet, wi-fi, and other technologies, more and more … Continue reading

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