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A Typical Left-Wing Drive-By Comment

A person named Montana left a comment on my blog entry ‘On Violence’. I thought it might be useful to dissect it. His comments are in italics, and were originally delivered in a single solid block of text. I have … Continue reading

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On Violence

There has been a lot of hoopla the last few days, as the Democrats have tried to paint the Tea Party group as a bunch of racist, hate mongering, violence promoting, homophobes. It hasn’t worked. Because, in general, the Tea … Continue reading

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I’ve Got a Bug

Unfortunately, I’ve had some sort of intestinal bug the last couple of days. The noises coming from those regions bear an amazing resemblance to sounds made by a thunderstorm. -Popgun

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Enough With The Vulgarity, People.

Come on, people, you can do better than this! I was just reading comments on another blog, and some far-left liberal low-life persists in making “tea bag” jokes about the Tea Party and its members. Whoever you are, you are … Continue reading

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Fair and Balanced Government

Here’s an article with statistics showing that the stimulus payouts were clearly awarded in a manner influenced strongly by political affiliation by district. Democratic districts saw 1.8 times the benefit awarded to Republican districts. -Popgun

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Wow, Sarah Palin used the word ‘reload’ in a sentence, and half the left wing liberals wet their pants. It is amazing to me how easily she can push their buttons. It’s like they just can’t help themselves… The Democrats … Continue reading

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Equal Rites

“It is well known that stone can think, because the whole of electronics is based on that fact, but in some universes men spend ages looking for other intelligences in the sky without once looking under their feet. That is … Continue reading

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