Greetings all,

We are the sons of Popgun, affectionately known as Butch to most here in the real world. It is with much sadness we must share with you his sudden passing on the morning of Tuesday, July 31st 2012.

The past few weeks have been difficult as anyone would understand. In dealing with our loss we did not want to forget about all those whom dad touched with his writing, both in life and through his blogs.

Several bloggers in particular were very influential on him. We don’t know how many posts were forwarded to us with the comment, “They said it better than I could.” Special thanks to you Bayou Renaissance Man, View From the Porch, John Lott, and Lawdog.

We were always very proud of him for freely sharing his love of life and country with us (and anyone else within earshot). We wanted to let you know how much he appreciated his readers. We would love to know of any notable posts or conversations with Dad that left an impression on you. Please share in the comments section and we will publish them as we can.

Again, thanks so much for being a part of Popgun’s world. We lost a good one.

Warm Regards,

The Sons of Gun

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You Didn’t Build That?

“You didn’t build that!”, Obama said, in a fit of honesty. Every once in a while his mouth gets ahead of his brain and he tells us what he really believes.

The very best thing you can say about his statement is that his head is in the clouds so much that he doesn’t understand the reality of anything!

It is incredibly offensive to so denigrate the years of hard work of anybody that has ever done anything with their life!

He directed this comment to business, but if he thinks it is true of business, then he certainly thinks it is true of personal property. I’ve got a home that I have spent 40 years purchasing, building on, and improving. What absolute arrogance to suggest that I didn’t do this! Because it sure as heck was not just given to me. And I could not have done it without – business.

Obama has demonstrated that he really would like a world where all we have is what the government gives us. That’s his perfect world!

What a fool he is!


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Officials in at least three cities, including Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, are trying to block Chic-fil-A from opening restaurants in their towns, because Chic-fil-A does not support gay marriage.

This constitutes religious persecution by the government.

Since when, in the U.S.A., do we give our government authority to shut down businesses because of their owner’s religious views??? Gee, I must have missed the memo!

As a matter of fact, Chick-fil-A does NOT discriminate against gay folks or anybody else – they’ll sell food to anybody with money, and never ask you your sexual orientation, race, gender, or political position.

So what, if the owners happen to be Christians? I kind of like that, myself – if nothing else, it means I’m less likely to get cheated at the cash register. And if the owners support Christian causes, that is their business and nobody else’s. If you don’t like them, for whatever reason, go somewhere else to eat! Vote with your feet!

The deception here is that the GLBT community wants you to believe that Chic-fil-A is forcing their views on other people – something they are NOT doing. I would have a problem with that, myself, if I thought they were. Christians have no more right to force their views on others than anybody else.

However, the GLBT community IS trying to force THEIR views on everybody else. And their tactics stink. The GLBT community has been outvoted in most places; they constitute around 2% of the population, and they need to get over it. They act like a two year old stomping his foot because he doesn’t get his way. They want to appear to be victims, so they’ll get the sympathy vote; a typical liberal strategy.

A month or so ago, some GLBT “representatives” visited the White House, and were photographed flipping off the portrait of President Ronald Reagan. Since I happen to respect Reagan, this did not endear me to these folks. This tactic is not only disrespectful, it is stupid. It makes enemies of people who were not your enemies, before – and gains you nothing at all. Idiots.

I don’t particularly have anything against gay or lesbians folks – I know a few, and those particular individuals are fine people. What I object to is the general GLBT community’s tendency to get in everybody else’s face and try to demonize everyone who does not believe the same way they do.

A word of advice: The GLBT community will achieve their goals a whole lot sooner if they try to make friends of those who disagree with them; or, failing that, at least earn some respect by acting like adults and treating others respectfully whenever possible. Pissing off your opponents is poor strategy, unless you have them outnumbered and outgunned. Obnoxious behavior deserves to be slapped down.

Message to the Gay-Lesbian community: Leave me alone. And I’ll return the favor. On the other hand, push me, and I will push back. I don’t like being pushed, and at least some of you folks are pushy.


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Tea Party – Violent?

It seems that the leftist liberal main-stream media has succeeded in painting the Tea Party as being violent.

I find this interesting since I cannot think of a single instance of any Tea Party activity in which the members of the Tea Party were violent. Does anybody out there know of any? (Contrast this with the recent activities of the Occupy movement…)

That’s mind control right there, buddy. When the common belief is controlled by the media, that’s mind control. And that is precisely how Hitler managed to send a huge number of Jews to the gas chamber without his own people throwing him out; they believed what they were told by the propaganda machine.

For God’s sake, people – think!

It ain’t that hard to do. Don’t let other people do your thinking for you. I don’t.


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Murder in Aurora, revisited

I just found out that the mass murder at the theater in Aurora, Colorado, happened in a theater which has a no-guns policy.

Gee, that worked well, didn’t it?

I might point out also that the killer was stopped by the arrival of more guns – in the hands of law-abiding police officers, in this case. Spree killers are always stopped by the arrival of the next gun. Sometimes it is a cop; sometimes it is a private citizen with a handgun license. But they are always stopped with the arrival of the next gun.

To reiterate the obvious; if somebody near enough in the audience was armed, many lives might have been saved. The cops are only minutes away; if somebody in the audience was armed, they might have made the response time merely seconds. No-gun zones are places where murderers like to hunt, because they know that for a while at least, nobody will be shooting back. It is amazing to me how many well-meaning folks don’t grasp this concept.

And every public school in the country is a no-gun zone, by government decree. Many malls and theaters are also no-gun zones by their own choice. Those signs only keep out the law-abiding.


P.S. John Lott has a good post on this incident here.

ADDENDUM 7/26/2012: Article showing that “With a single exception, every multiple-victim public shooting in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed since at least 1950 has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry their own firearms.”

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Murderer in Aurora, Colorado

We just got back from our vacation in Durango, Colorado; had a great time, but for some car trouble.

Now, a few days later, some nut-job decides to get in the news in a big way by murdering or injuring a whole lot of people at the new Batman movie premier.

I have a lot to say about this, but Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man has already said exactly what I think. Go read his post.

Please God help the survivors and their families deal with it, and may the victims be with Him in Heaven.

And also, dear Lord, remove from power those opportunistic politicians whose first thought is to use this incident to advance their political agendas. Michael Bloomberg comes to mind…


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We’re going to be traveling for about the next week. I expect to be able to post some, but it may be a bit slow. Even for me.

Thanks for stopping by!


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