Blowing Up Airplanes

On the subject of terrorist attacks on airplanes; has it occurred to anybody that the terrorists have done a wonderful job of focussing us on airplanes and air travel?

Yet we remain mostly unconcerned about the potential offered by, say, gasoline tanker trucks, freight trains, and any number of other things. Anything that manipulates large amounts of energy can be used as a weapon, by the unscrupulous. Shucks, it doesn’t even take much energy; one evil person with a number of incendiary devices and a small plane could burn half of California on the right day. It is fairly easy to think of any number of ways we can be attacked.

There is NO way to protect ourselves 100%; we might as well get used to that idea. We can’t watch everything. Our best defense is probably to do our best to identify those who might do these evil things. By investigative work, and using every legal and moral tool, such as profiling.

This is the world we live in.


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