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Hot Springs, Arkansas in December

We are in Hot Springs, Arkansas with several friends for a (mostly) relaxing weekend. It’s the off-season for tourism, so in some ways it’s nice, although there are some things you can’t do, as the photo demonstrates: We think they’ve … Continue reading

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The Problem With Stimulus Packages

The Lady Tam says it so very well – Any money that the government “pumps into” the economy to “boost” it had to be pumped out of the economy in the form of taxes in the first place. Why is … Continue reading

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Dear Lord; Thank you for your amazing love, that not only comes directly from you, but also comes to us from all our family and friends. For I believe you are the source of all love. Thank you for our … Continue reading

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Short Commentary on Election 2008

Caveat: My comments here are my own perceptions, and not based on any research other than my own personal interpretation of events and news. Your mileage may differ. The election process for President of the United States, it seems to … Continue reading

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Definition of a Sky/Ground Incident

Once, when helping to haul hay, I was standing on the tailgate of the truck, holding on to the bails of hay, for the ride back to the barn. Due to the involvement of a red wasp about two inches … Continue reading

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My First Computer

I was cleaning out some old files and came across the specifications of my very first computer. That computer was the Kaypro 2. Photo from Wikipedia. The Kaypro ran the 8-bit Z80 CPU, at 2.5 MHz, and had 64k of … Continue reading

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We’re All Sick

Sorry, haven’t written anything in the last day or so. We’ve been recovering from our trip to New York, and also the bad cold I caught the last night in NY. It’s bad enough that I caught a cold, but … Continue reading

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