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The Mandate

Well, I will admit I was taken by surprise by the Supreme Court ruling in favor of ObamaCare. It seems so incredibly obvious to me that nothing in the Constitution gives the government the right to require me to purchase … Continue reading

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What Are They Hiding??

Regarding Fast & Furious, and President Obama protecting Attorney General Eric Holder by invoking executive privilege – you just have to ask yourself: What are they hiding?? What could possibly be so heinous that this was the least painful route … Continue reading

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Gays Flip Off President Reagan

A group of representatives of the gay community were invited to the White House by Obama. They were photographed flipping off a portrait of President Reagan – an act they seemed to be proud of. This is pretty odd behavior … Continue reading

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Evil Flees the Light

It seems clear enough, to me: Attorney General Eric Holder has something to hide, and President Obama is protecting him. I can see no other reason for Holder’s obstructionism regarding “Fast and Furious”, and Obama’s willingness to use executive privilege. … Continue reading

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Cars Are More Dangerous Than Guns

I really don’t understand the horror some people have for guns. Really, they should be afraid of driving. I have contended for a long time that cars and trucks and other moving vehicles are far more deadly than guns which … Continue reading

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Union Bail Outs

I’ll refer you to Bayou Renaissance Man for the rest of his excellent article, but here is a quote from one of his sources: Instead, President Obama gave over $26 billion to the UAW — more money than the U.S … Continue reading

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Liberals Are Violent People

Joy Behar, a person who deserves zero respect, wants to see Romney’s house burn down. Looks like it is just fine for liberals to use violent imagery, but God forbid a conservative put target symbols on a map! Those bloody … Continue reading

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