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An Apology to my Readers

Hi, Friends; For those of you who aren’t interested in politics, I want to apologize for my recent spate of blog entries regarding Obama’s handling of the budget crisis, universal health care, and the Cap and Trade bill. I keep … Continue reading

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Obama Said:

Obama said: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (January 2008). He’s right. Call your senators now and tell them to vote against the Cap and Trade bill! He also, repeatedly and vigorously, … Continue reading

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It’s Raining!

How about that! It’s raining in East Texas. With enough volume of water that it’s not just turning into steam and boiling off the surface.    Of course, that means in a couple of days I’m going to need to … Continue reading

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We Need a New Law

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill, without reading it. It was 1090 pages long, before 300 more pages were added Thursday night! No Representatives were given the chance to read the complete bill before … Continue reading

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The House Passed the Cap and Trade Bill

Yesterday, the House passed the 1500 plus page Cap and Trade Bill that nobody has had time to read. I’m more afraid of the U.S. Congress than I am of terrorists. I can shoot back, at terrorists. If it passes … Continue reading

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Carbon Cap and Trade

Obama is trying to get his carbon cap and trade bill pushed through, in spite of a wellspring of scientists who point out that there is no certain evidence of man-made global warming, and no certain evidence that carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Obama Will Ration Health Care

Obama and the Democrats don’t like for people to talk about rationing health care – yet they are already planning on it. They know they can’t pay for the health care plan they are trying to pass, and Obama himself … Continue reading

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