The Tragedy of 57 States

This message by Sarah Palin is the funniest – and saddest – thing I’ve read in a while.

Sarah made a slip-of-the-tongue and referred to North Korea as our ally, which she immediately corrected. The progressive-liberal biased media, of course, blew it WAY out of proportion.

Sarah Palin skewered them with wit and grace in her Thanksgiving message. And it was the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks.

You know, I am pretty sure I can remember when you could actually get the news by watching the news on TV. Nowadays, all you get is propaganda. This is the state of the news media in our country; the professionalism is just – gone.

And the progressive left wonder why Fox News is so popular! It is popular because the public will go to ANY source that provides real, actual information. Now, Fox has opinion shows that clearly lean conservative; but I am talking about the news. Something you really can’t get more than hints of, anywhere else. Fox News is not perfect in this regard, as its detractors will quickly point out; but Fox News is the best available if you want real unbiased information.

The “lamestream media” (another Palinism!) has simply not understood that their failure to provide accurate, unbiased news, or at least balanced news (the way Fox does by presenting both sides of most issues), is what turns people off. The public understands the need for true, factual, unbiased information in order to make informed decisions, and only those who willfully blind themselves to this put much faith in the lamestream media.

Their persistent snarking at Sarah Palin is a fine example. Since her selection as candidate for V.P., the lamestream media has never, ever given her anything even faintly approaching a fair shake. This was so blatant, and so obvious, that I simply quit watching them, as did millions of others (based on Fox’s ratings). By their bias, they have rendered themselves irrelevant. The moment a journalist begins to promote an agenda is the moment that person stops being a professional journalist. To those former journalists: sorry, you’re fired! I’ve changed the channel.

It is a tragedy; the loss of an entire generation of real professional journalists.

There are darn few of them left, and almost all of them are on Fox News.


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