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This article over on Hot Air dissects statements by Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO and Obama’s advisor, who thinks the best way to create more jobs is to raise taxes, and spend more government money. Read the article; it … Continue reading

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About Those Unconstitutional Laws

Obama has decided not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act – because he feels it is unconstitutional. The article said: “President Obama decided the Justice Department no longer would defend DOMA after concluding the law was unconstitutional, administration officials … Continue reading

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What Happens When Ideologues Get Elected

When ideologues get elected, they take actions that costs honest people their jobs. In this case, Obama wants to decrease American dependence on imported oil, not by going and getting our own (which would save billions of dollars and millions … Continue reading

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Obama Seems to Attract Unsavory Friends

Libyan nutcase warlord Gaddafi says Obama is his friend, and he is a blessing to the Muslim world. Now that I think about it, Obama told the chief of NASA that his main job was outreach to Muslims across the … Continue reading

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I notice Harry Reid is complaining that the Republicans are not offering any “compromising” in the stop-gap spending bill. When Democrats controlled both the house and the senate, Democrats most certainly were not interested in any sort of compromise. It … Continue reading

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Respect for the Process of Law

The Democrats demonstrably do not support our form of government. Our government is based on rule by the people. The most powerful way the will of the people is transmitted to that government is by voting. The people select their … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop This Nonsense

John Lott’s article about a 7 year old with a Nerf (type) gun, up for criminal charges. Recently I’ve seen articles about a kid that got suspended from school for the remainder of the year for shooting spit-wads. And another … Continue reading

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