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You know, when we go on vacation, we have to pay for it ourselves; the gas, the meals, the lodging, whatever fun we decide to have – we have to pay for it. And it’s getting harder to do, all … Continue reading

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Captain America!

Imagine Obama as Captain America! Nahhh. I can’t, either. Kind of a creepy idea, actually. -Popgun

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We STILL Don’t Know for Sure

UPDATED: It looks like I was spoofed. Snopes has the clarification. My apologies. Up until now, I have been pretty well convinced that Obama met the legal requirements to become President of the United States.  After all, I reasoned, if … Continue reading

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Immoral Waste in Proportion

GSA spent $823,000 on that party in Vegas, and that is insanely wasteful of taxpayer dollars. That’s terrible.  Somebody ought to go to jail for this. But I’d just like to mention that the Queen, Michelle Obama, spent around $10,000,000 of taxpayer … Continue reading

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Political Ramblings

I’m happy to find that conservatives outnumber liberals about two to one. The same source shows that there are about as many moderates as conservatives. Kind of makes you wonder how Obama got elected, doesn’t it? Anyhow, I am probably … Continue reading

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Global Climate Change

For those who “believe” the science is settled on global warming, here is proof that it is not. If you hear someone use the word “believer” or “non-believer” or any variation, in reference to any true science, it is a … Continue reading

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The War on Women

What is it about Democrats and women? It seems that they just can’t give them any respect. First they did their level best to absolutely destroy Sarah Palin and all her family; now they are after Mitt Romney’s wife Ann. … Continue reading

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