Yet Another MUSLIM Terrorist

How about that? Somebody tried to murder multitudes of American citizens at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, failing due to some excellent work by the FBI.

The Somali-born terrorist was yelling “Allahu Akbar!” when captured. That’s Arabic for “God is great!”, and that is what Muslims seem to shout when they are trying to murder a bunch of innocent people who never did them any harm.

Odd, not ONE of these mass-murderer wanna-be’s has been shouting “Jesus!” when captured. Or even “Onward Christian Soldiers!”. You have to go back more than ten years to find an actual terrorist incident that wasn’t perpetrated by a Muslim.

Now, can we just shut up about the evils of profiling? Profiling on the basis of who is likely to be trying to kill you is prudence, and political correctness that prevents you from doing that is beyond stupid.

The fact that political correctness sets policy in the United States is one of the terrorist’s greatest weapons against us.


Other thoughts on profiling: Here, here, and Ann Coulter’s article about the TSA methods.

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