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You Didn’t Build That?

“You didn’t build that!”, Obama said, in a fit of honesty. Every once in a while his mouth gets ahead of his brain and he tells us what he really believes. The very best thing you can say about his … Continue reading

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Things That Annoy Me

Things that annoy me, in no particular order: > The phone system is smart enough to know you need to put a 1 in front of that number, but it is too stupid to do it for you. > Bicycle … Continue reading

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People – especially so-called “entertainers” – who call other people vulgar names or make crass, obscene, and untrue comments about them do not deserve our respect, nor do they deserve our ear. Such filth demonstrates a lack of ability to … Continue reading

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It is my habit to pray every morning, as I drive to work. I pray for the usual things, thankful for salvation and the health of my family and so forth. Usually, after the personal parts, I pray for our … Continue reading

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Am I a Libertarian?

Huh. After reading Roberta X’s article, I begin to think I might be a libertarian. Or Libertarian – not sure which, yet… -Popgun

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It’s been ten years, tomorrow, since nineteen Muslim terrorists decided to murder as many Americans as they could manage. All true Americans regret the deaths of so many of us, and sympathize with their families. And our country reacted appropriately, … Continue reading

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A Real Class Act

Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa said these words referring to the Tea Party, when introducing Obama at a rally in Detroit, Michigan, today: “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let’s take these son of bitches out … Continue reading

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