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It Crossed My Mind…

I have an evil mind, sometimes. I’ve been thinking about the explosion and oil leak in the gulf. I see now that the administration is, of course, going to investigate, considering every possible cause, including sabotage. So, it crossed my … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With This Picture

Iran? On the U.N. Commission On Women’s Rights? Is there any sanity left in the world? -Popgun

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Warning: Long Post. I have issues with certain things in the U.S., some of which I am going to list here. It’s a long list. A lot of these are specific to this administration, but some of them go back … Continue reading

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Popgun’s iPad #4 – Observations

I’ve now been using the iPad for a while, and now my iPhone feels so – small! Isn’t the iPad kind of bulky to carry around all the time? Well, actually, if I wasn’t carrying the iPad, I’d be carrying … Continue reading

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Remember, today is BoobQuake! -Popgun

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Profiling in Arizona

Profiling is the act of making a judgement based on perceived probabilities as to whether a person is likely to have committed a crime, but without hard evidence. Profiling became a no-no because, in the South, sometimes police officers would … Continue reading

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For decades, the problem of illegal immigrants from Mexico has been steadily getting worse. For political reasons, Washington has made some gestures but has essentially done nothing to solve the problem. This is a serious problem if you happen to … Continue reading

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