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A Comparison of Today and the Wild West

Brigid, of Home on the Range, has done it again! I wish I could get, well, everybody, to read her post. Things you probably didn’t know about the Wild West. And, in large part, why I hold some of the … Continue reading

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Motorcycling Has it’s Risks

Yesterday, Friday, I was riding my Suzuki DR650SE through some residential streets on the way to the mechanic’s shop; they had my old van. Anyhow, I was going down a perfectly straight stretch of road at the posted 30 MPH … Continue reading

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Obama Said:

Speaking about the Iranian protesters, Obama said “And we stand behind those who are seeking justice in a peaceful way.“ It’s a darn good thing that George Washington and our other forefathers didn’t think this way, or we’d still be … Continue reading

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