Obama Apologetics

I was reading comments on another unrelated blog, and someone commented:

“Everyone’s quick to blame Obama, forgetting the fact that he’s trying to clean up the eight year mess Bush got this country into.”

Truth to tell, I’m getting tired of Obama and his fans hanging everything on Bush. It’s true, Bush was financially irresponsible and drove the deficit up higher than it’s ever been before. I agree, this was bad.

But it’s time for Obama and company to quit using that as an excuse. Obama is running the deficit up to many times the level that Bush did.

Obama says it’s bad, what Bush did; then he turns around and does the same thing, at a much higher rate! And somehow that’s all right??? I don’t think so. That dog won’t hunt.

Obama is taking Bush’s four foot deep hole, and making it thirty feet deep. And throwing us in. Bush didn’t do that – Obama did. Just to be perfectly clear.


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