We Need a New Law

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill, without reading it. It was 1090 pages long, before 300 more pages were added Thursday night! No Representatives were given the chance to read the complete bill before voting on it. This bill potentially represents the biggest tax hike in history.

Our elected Representatives do not know what they voted on – and they passed it!

ADDENDUM: Even Carol Browner, Obama’s Energy Czar, didn’t read the bill!

This is exactly what happened when the stimulus bill was passed. It was $850 billion and 1588 pages, and it also was un-read by any human. How in the name of Heaven can these people represent us if they don’t get to read the bills they are voting on? The Democrats are hell-bent on ramming these monumental bills through while they still have control of congress.

Yet, one of Obama’s campaign promises was ‘transparency’ and another was a five day waiting period before bills are passed, during which the bill would be on-line for the public to review. Yet another Obama promise broken. What a joke!

We need to pass a law that requires every lawmaker to sign an affidavit that they have read any bill before they are allowed to vote on it. So we can get the representative government we are supposed to have.

Such a law would probably serve to limit the damage Congress can do, as well – they couldn’t pass any more laws in a year than a person can read in a year.

I don’t see it happening, though. There’s not that much common sense in Washington.


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